Greetings Brethren,

I hope the last month has been all you hoped it to be.

May once again was busy and enjoyable, I finally got my latest man toy registered and with a Sunday drive both Maureen and I ended up Sunburnt, how did we do it 30 years ago. Maureen has laid the law down, no more drives with top down!  So much for revisiting my youth.

The May meeting was an open night. Two non-members attended the meeting. WBro John O’Halloran explained why he joined freemasonry and what the organisation has meant to him, thanks John.

WBro Peter Donald gave a talk to the visitors on how the Lodge works, Peter used the analogy of the lodge being like a business and how our positions are similar to a private business e.g. the Master was the CEO, the Director of Ceremonies being the Forman instructs the workers (brethren), I think you get the idea, although I am still trying to work out what stuff we produce. Well done Peter.

RtWBro Harold Littler presented proposed changes to parts of our by- laws and placed them on the table to be voted on in the June meeting.

By now you all will know of Harold’s very ill state and so he will not be at Lodge for the June meeting to propose the vote, which means the motion lapses.

WBro Peter Donald will be re-introducing the proposed changes which will be voted on in the July meeting.

Our June meeting will also be the election of officers for the coming year and the passing of Bro Wayne Greenley.

Out and About


My visits for May were: Vigilance Lodge Installation, Kianawah Lodge, Ashton Lodge, Baden Powell Lodge Installation, St. George Lodge.

Prince Albert Lodge, WBro John O’Halloran, Vigilance Lodge FC, VWBro Ewing, Worshipful Master WBro Jim Reid, Bro Rodney Lancashire Vigilance Lodge Installation, Worshipful Master WBro Jim Reid, WBro  Damien Chataway  , Bro Rodney Lancashire. Bro Wayne Greenley, EA, WBro Stephen Lewis, Worshipful Master WBro Jim Reid


Ashton Lodge, WBro  Peter Casper  , Worshipful Master Jim Reid Baden Powell Installation, RtWBro Alan Connors, RtWBro Douglass Neilson , Worshipful Master WBro Jim Reid St George Lodge, FC, Zac Herbert EA, WBro Tony Anderson Worshipful Master Jim Reid, Bro Rodney Lancashire, WBro John O’Halloran.



June visits include the UGLQ communication at Ann Street, Victoria Lodge, Lamington Lodge, Camp Hill  Lodge, Theodore Unmack Lodge, City of Logan Lodge, Dunellan Lodge, Redlands Lodge.


Brethren, just a reminder that our next BBQ will be on Sunday 28 June at Skinner Park Carbrook (off Beenleigh/Redland Bay road)


Brethren I wish you all a happy and Warm June and look forward to the 2nd. Degree on Bro. Greenley

Thank you all


Fraternal regards,

WBro James Reid, Worshipful Master


Phone  home: 3388 1229

mob:   0418 880 865


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