Welcome to the February edition of Under the Eastern Star, this being the first full month of the New Year we have been very busy.

This month we had another BBQ in the Park which I will discuss later followed by first degree on Bro.Wayne Greenley. Our new member Bro Wayne Greenley was an excellent candidate, and I would like once again to congratulate and welcome him to   Mt. Pleasant Lodge.


 Bro Wayne Greenley congratulated by the Worshipful Master Wor Bro Jim Reid


I would like to thank all the Brethren who helped in the Initiation ceremony, a good job was done by the members, it was obvious to all that a lot of study had been completed.

We also held a minutes silence in remembrance on the passing in New Zealand, of Wor Bro Neil Pethig, the father of our IPM Wor Bro Gareth Pethig.


As I announced in Lodge at the last meeting, I will not be in attendance for the March Meeting, so I wish everyone a great night.

At The Festive

SFJ_3627     SFJ_3642    SFJ_3648

With friends                    The toast                         The reply


SFJ_3638   SFJ_3674   SFJ_3691   SFJ_3678

The seconder               Winners are Grinners    MWBro Ewing               Rt Wor Bro Kingston

Out and About

Since the last meeting I was only able to make three visits, they were:  Redlands Lodge,   CH Harley Lodge, City of Logan Lodge, and Baden Powell Lodge.

003                                                      CH Harley1


Wor Bro Hon. Michael Baden-Powelland                 CH Harley Lodge

Bro Lancashire completed approximately six visits including Rosewood with other members of our lodge who were all found jobs to do on the night, thank you all.


February saw us hold the first BBQ in the park at Mt. Cootha. 30 people attended for an enjoyable breakfast. Bro Cameron Donald was celebrating his birthday so we joined in singing happy birthday to him and then guess what, he won one of the raffle prizes. Thank one and all for coming along and as usual Lindsay and Helen put in the effort to do the cooking, thank you.

Andrew Childs is organising another TAFE college dinner for March, when he can finalises the details they will be sent out to brethren in plenty of time.

IMG_0707  IMG_0711

IMG_0713  IMG_0722

IMG_0728  IMG_0729

IMG_0726  IMG_0727



I wish all the Brethren a very happy and safe month of March and look forward to seeing you all in April.

Thank you all



Fraternal regards,

WBro James Reid, Worshipful Master

Email: jimk.reid@bigpond.com

Phone  home: 3388 1229

mob:   0418 880 865



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